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Real Estate Brokerage Course
A new Session of the Real Estate Brokerage Course will start on the 14th of September at AUB - CEC.
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REAL GA & Elections 2017
Congratulations for the new President & Board Members of REAL ! REAL had its General Assembly & Elections on February 8th, 2017 and a new Pr...
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وليد موسى نقيبا للوسطاء والاستشاريين العقاريين
وطنية - انتخب وليد موسى نقيبا للوسطاء والاستشاريين العقاريين خلفا لمسعد فارس، على إثر انتخابات تكميلية لاختيا...
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Real Estate Brokerage Course

This program aims to instill professionalism in the field of real estate brokerage in Lebanon and promote a culture of transparency and integrity which contributes to raising the industry’s professional level.   The program is designed and delivered by a group of professors of the American University in Beirut, led by Prof. Raghda Jaber, with the active participation of the Real Estate Association of Lebanon, and with the support of the Center for Continuing Education at the University. The certificate is designed to equip those aspiring to a career in real estate brokerage with the basic skills required by the profession.

The core course content has been developed to conform to best practices of realtor certification internationally, particularly the USA, where REAL has an affiliation with the National Association of Realtors (NAR). The course schedule is designed to fit the requirements of both full and part time professionals.

It is envisioned in the future that this course will afford new brokers the necessary skills and background for applying for, and passing, the Realtor Certification Exam that is planned to become a pre-requisite for becoming a member of the Real Estate Association of Lebanon (REAL), the national realtors’ syndicate.  Additionally, this program will act as a pilot program for an expanded set of course offerings at AUB, targeting experienced brokers, focusing on specific skills such as public administration, human resources management, and marketing. The course workbook is available to be purchased from the REAL offices.

Target Participants

The program targets all participants aspiring to practice real estate sales and brokerage in Lebanon, whether beginners or middle to senior professionals. 

Language of Instruction

Arabic is the language of instruction.  Please note that some material exists in English given the need to use words that lack accurate Arabic translations. 

The Curriculum

The curriculum includes training on the basic skills that brokers require to enable them to start practicing the profession. The curriculum is designed to meet best practices, and complies with a number of training courses in other countries as well as training offered by some local real estate brokerage offices for new employees.  Instruction takes a total of 42 hours organized in 6 modules listed below.  Attendance is mandatory and classes are held three times a week after 5 p.m. and on Saturday mornings.  The courses are:

1- Real Estate Development and the REAL Code of Ethics (REBC I):

This course introduces the role of a real estate broker in the context of Lebanon and the various roles the broker plays.  It also explains the REAL Code of Ethics and exposes the students to its original, basic themes and means of application through giving real life cases of conflict of interest and how they should be resolved.  The material also includes explanation of the standard contracts used by REAL members, and the certification process, its purpose, and its long and medium term objectives.  Course length is 2 hours.

2- Real Estate Finance (REBC II):

This course covers the basic financial tools required and used by brokers, exploring topics such as: how/where to get financing, what is opportunity cost, what is time value of money, how to determine affordability for the buyer, how to determine the opportunity cost for the seller, what median income individuals can afford to pay, and how to compare properties. In addition, the course introduces and describes the accepted valuation methods for residential or commercial properties.  It also covers the basics of commercial leases, including concessions typically made and their cost.  Course length is 10 hours.

3- Real Property Law for Brokers: A Comparative View (REBC III)

This course covers the real property law in Lebanon and how it applies to real estate development and registration, including how a property is defined by law, what constitutes a title deed and examples of other pertinent documents for real property, how to register, fees/documentation requirements, laws for registration by foreigners, local registration, agency and its proof and limitations, definition and rights/obligations under all forms of ownership, reading and interpreting maps, what are encroachments and how to settle them, what is taxation policy for built property, and how to calculate fees/taxes for every type of property. Course length is 10 hours.

4- Zoning and Building Laws Overview (REBC IV)

This course gives a general review of the zoning and building laws and regulations pertinent to real estate property development including how to calculate building potential (متر الهواء), zoning and subdivision regulations in Beirut and other cities, authorities in charge of regulating zoning and building regulations, what is a settlement and what are its parameters, classifications by building law, and commercial versus residential versus industrial classification. Course length is 6 hours.

5- Real Estate Marketing (REBC V):

This is a short introduction to marketing in real estate given by a marketing expert.  Course length is 8 hours including introduction to marketing, communication and advertising for the real estate sector. 

6- Real Estate Marketing using Social Media (REBC VI): 

This is a short module of 6 hours given by a social media expert that seeks to introduce the use of social media tools for marketing real estate properties to brokers and their impact in the current marketplace.

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Real Estate Brokerage Course: 1st Graduation

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Real Estate Brokerage Course: 2nd Graduation

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