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Real Syndicate Lebanon-board member-Walid MoussaPresident Note

Dear friends and colleagues,

I would like to start by wishing you all a good 2020. May this year herald new changes and lead to a brighter future.

The economic situation we are going through as a country is a delicate one, and the stakes in our business have changed. It is crucial that we realize that things are different and do everything in our power to adapt to the new model.

Real estate transactions have risen these last months compared to the previous years. This is because of the specific financial mood Lebanon is in at the moment, with people incentivized to invest in real estate to protect their money from the banking crisis. Once again, the real estate sector is proving to be the only safe bet in a precarious economy.

Our utmost priority in this time must be to act as professionals and protect the interests of our clients, such as by providing them with honest value assessments of properties, not fictitious ones. It is our duty to offer good advice and guide investments towards security. We should learn from doctors in this: above all, do no harm. Instead, let us help by fulfilling our roles as trusted advisers.

This moment is critical for us to prove the virtues of working with certified professionals who understand and guard the interests of their clients.

As a syndicate, we will continue lobbying parliament to follow up on the project of law to organize our business. We will also keep pursuing the best interests of the real estate sector, and propose the best policies and regulations.

As for services, our new partnership with LAU, featuring a new updated real estate program, will allow us to improve the educational level of our future members and create better professionals. We are also in the process of finalizing the REAL price index, which will serve as the go-to reference for people to accurately estimate property values, a great achievement that will go a long way towards streamlining and uniformizing the sector along more realistic lines.

Despite the financial difficulties, we will continue to bring together our members for a variety of events, whether educational, social or otherwise, and provide them with the best services possible. Now more than ever we should celebrate our sense of community and belonging.

See you soon,

Walid Moussa

President of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon

2019 - 2021: REAL has an elected board of trustees of 8 members:

Walid Moussa (PBM): President
Haytham Kurdi (PMG Real Estate Promotion): Vice President
Jihad Abou Chakra (Sakr Real Estate): Secretary of the board
Tony Lahoud (Phoenicia Real Estate): Treasurer of the board
Mohamad Sinno (VERTICA Realty Group): Board Member
Raghda Assaad (Landmark Real Estate): Board Member
Karl Sarkis  (BLOX) : Board Member
Elie Chamoun (E.F.C. Real Estate) Board Member

2017 - 2019: REAL has elected a board of trustees of 8 members:

Walid Moussa (PBM): President
Mohamad Sinno (VERTICA Realty Group): Vice President
Mireille Korab Abi Nasr (FFA Real Estate): Secretary of the board
Tony Lahoud (Phoenicia Real Estate): Treasurer of the board
Samar Abdel Khalek (Blue Diamond of MENA) Member of the board
Maha Atallah (AtaBuild Lebanon): Member of the board
Nabil Gebrael (Coldwell Banker): Member of the board
Nabil Kamar (RE/MAX Invest): Member of the board

Previously elected board members:

REAL is grateful to the Members that decided to serve and to dedicate time and effort such as the Names mentioned below.

Samer Abdallah
Antoine Abou Rizk

Samir Barrage

Ahmad El  Khatib
Georges Sioufi