The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (REAL) is a representative body, functioning on a national scale, bringing together several brokers and consultants from different regions to ensure the representation, legitimacy and protection of the real estate sector. REAL serves as the governing body in the real estate sector, seeking to support the different entities operating in the real estate sector. The organization seeks to enhance the overall image of the real estate trade, making it a recognized profession in Lebanon. In addition, it focuses on training real estate brokers and consultants, as well as those interested in such a profession, through workshops and seminars.

Core Values / Governing Lobby

Nos REAL abides by a code of ethics with an Ethic Committee ensuring the commitment of each member and their collaborators. A Quality Department will be created at a later stage to deal with any disputes that may occur between members and their clients.

REAL will bring together more than 200 members, with strong real estate experience, specifically in brokerage and consultancy. Its main objective is to defend the interests of real estate professionals and their clients through the application of a code of ethics.

The syndicate seeks to generally oversee the real estate sector, aiding in the backing of modernization of local laws.

REAL collaborators will be from all the different regions of Lebanon in order to ensure the adherence of rules, regulations and norms as defined by the allied associations. This is done to defend the interest of real estate professionals and their clients; the integrity of the real estate profession as a whole.

Ultimately, REAL regards the real estate profession as a science, with the aim to forge bonds between the organization and credible universities, allowing enrolled students to earn a diploma in real estate.

Code of Ethics

One of the main objectives of  R.E.A.L is to maintain the Code of Ethics that will be respected by all its members.
This code will regulate the relation between  “R.E.A.L members among them” and  “R.E.A.L members and their clients".
This adoption of  R.E.A.L Code of Ethics will guarantee a high level of professionalism and accordingly will support the public interest in the Lebanese real estate sector.
  • General Principles: to respect ethical rules, to give clients a guaranteed service and high morality.
  • Conformity with Law and Regulation: members should exercise their professions with the utmost respect of the regulations and internal laws and procedures.
  • Requirement of competence: professionals and their collaborators must justify their professionalism and field experience.
  • Transparency of the services offered: REAL offers the public accurate and valid information regarding the activities and services offered by the organization.
  • Clearly planned remunerations: the members must submit a written document stipulating the conditions of the missions, as well as its related remuneration. In the absence of such documents the member will be unable to collect.

Scope of Work

REAL offers to its members an extensive array of services which span to include:

Recognized identification and legitimacy for broker and consultant with the association's logo on the business card Legal consultancy services which aim to regroup real estate specialists. It aims to interpret the latest news and provide members with articles, studies, and texts beneficial in business Communication tools such as newsletters, information on fiscal issues and professional specifications are offered to members Promotional activities with the press, Lebanese diplomatic missions and a variety of Lebanese companies located offshore Press reviews are offered on a bi-monthly basis. The reviews include the latest real estate sector news from Lebanon, from the region and from an international scale. International MLS ( Multiple Listing System: REAL Estate Search Engine), to share properties with Members in order to increase transactions. Advantages and Services.

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