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Why Become a Member of REAL?

Improve your position in the market:
  • Gain credibility by associating with the best in the industry
  • Be a member of a Unified Network of Professional that cooperate on making deals and sharing referrals between members
  • Follow a Code of ethics and a set of Guidelines for all members to enhance their work experience
  • Have access to a committee that helps with conflict resolutions in Real Estate deals
  • Develop and Enhance Your Real Estate Expertise:
  • Educational courses, with aim for Accreditation and Certification programs at Leading Universities such as AUB
  • Attend sessions on Best practices in the area of sales, registration process, negotiation, Real Estate law, property valuation, and mortgage, etc.
  • Have access to Real Estate statistics and reports
  • Improve the Real Estate Broker/Consultant Profession:
  • Lobby for laws that help the industry as a whole.
  • Implement Recommendation of unified procedures that gradually strengthen the association members in the sector
  • Standardization of forms and templates (commissions, letters, mandates, sales contracts)
Other Benefits:
  • Special discounts at related events, exhibitions, and services (group insurance, etc...)
  • Have online website access to contact information for all REAL members
  • Display of REAL logo on members business cards and websites -Posting members news and updates in the REAL Newsletter
  • Gain exposure for your company and its listings
  • Gain access to MLS (Multiple Listing System: REAL Estate Search Engine)


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