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President Note

Accelerating Forward and Staying True to our Principles    

The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon is now in its 8th year. My predecessor successfully laid out the foundations and established the structures on which we can now build.

I look forward to taking on the responsibilities of the presidency to develop the syndicate’s objectives. This shall include lobbying for new legislation, promoting education and fostering further involvement of our members. I intend to take a proactive approach that will not only raise the professional profile of the syndicate but also make our organization the modus operandi for all matters pertaining to real-estate brokerage in the country. By fulfilling these obligations, our syndicate will thrive as we continue to adhere to our ethical principles of integrity and transparency.

The syndicate was established in order to address issues of quality assurance in the real-estate industry. One particularly important aspect is the need for legislation that can protect the rights of the customer and of the brokers. By making it compulsory by law for real-estate brokers to join the syndicate, real-estate brokers must observe our codes of ethics in order to have the right to work in the profession. We aim to greatly reduce fraudulent activities within the industry. The process for lobbying for this new legislation began at the end of 2016 and we are adamant the campaign will become a reality in the near future. By augmenting the value of our profession at a local level, we will be able to pursue further our exposure to international federations and organizations.

Walid Moussa
President of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon

2019 - 2021: REAL has an elected board of trustees of 8 members:

Walid Moussa (PBM): President
Haytham Kurdi (PMG Real Estate Promotion): Vice President
Jihad Abou Chakra (Sakr Real Estate): Secretary of the board
Tony Lahoud (Phoenicia Real Estate): Treasurer of the board
Mohamad Sinno (VERTICA Realty Group): Board Member
Raghda Assaad (Landmark Real Estate): Board Member
Karl Sarkis  (BLOX) : Board Member
Elie Chamoun (E.F.C. Real Estate) Board Member

2017 - 2019: REAL has elected a board of trustees of 8 members:

Walid Moussa (PBM): President
Mohamad Sinno (VERTICA Realty Group): Vice President
Mireille Korab Abi Nasr (FFA Real Estate): Secretary of the board
Tony Lahoud (Phoenicia Real Estate): Treasurer of the board
Samar Abdel Khalek (Blue Diamond of MENA) Member of the board
Maha Atallah (AtaBuild Lebanon): Member of the board
Nabil Gebrael (Coldwell Banker): Member of the board
Nabil Kamar (RE/MAX Invest): Member of the board

Previously elected board members:

REAL is grateful to the Members that decided to serve and to dedicate time and effort such as the Names mentioned below.

Samer Abdallah
Antoine Abou Rizk

Samir Barrage

Ahmad El  Khatib
Georges Sioufi

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