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REAL GA & Elections 2017
Congratulations for the new President & Board Members of REAL ! REAL had its General Assembly & Elections on February 8th, 2017 and a new Pr...
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REAL "On The Road" in Jbail
REAL started a new project: REAL "On The Road", in Jbail hosted by Jbail Municipality.
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نقابة الوسطاء العقاريين رحبت بقرار إنشاء سجل خاص في وزارة الاقتصاد لتنظيمه المهنة

رحبت «نقا...
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Why the Real Estate Brokers and Consultants Syndicate?

The Real Estate Brokers and Consultants Syndicate was founded and launched its work at the beginning of 2013 to keep pace with the major developments witnessed in this sector in recent years. 

The syndicate’s creation reflects the pressing need for a regulatory and legal framework that sponsors and develops the real estate sector while preserving the rights of its stakeholders, whether employees or people working for it or with it. Indeed, it was felt that such an important sector as real estate could not continue without it. Here, it is important to note that the extensive real estate boom of recent years coincided with a regrettable randomization at the level of the work of real estate offices, due to the large number of illegal brokers. At the same time the market saw the emergence of real estate brokerages which were not shy to perform acts of fraud and trickery and did not respect the ethics of this profession.
The resulting chaotic image of the real estate brokerage and consultation sectors therefore made industry regulation an urgent necessity. The establishment of a syndicate provides an official body through which professional issues can be dealt with, and staff performance improved through the setting of rules and standards set that reflect prevailing international best practices, thus preserving the industry’s reputation.The Real Estate Brokers and Consultants Syndicate aims at establishing a more professional real estate market. It has already started working in this direction via three axes:

   The first axis is the establishment of a regulatory framework represented by the Syndicate. This Syndicate, which is a member of the International Real Estate Federation, includes a large number of companies and persons dealing in the real estate sector. The value of the operations of these member companies is estimated to exceed 60% of the market volume. 

   The second axis of the Syndicate’s work is launching the educational and training effort in order to develop the professional level of brokers. From this standpoint, the Syndicate has introduced, in collaboration with the American University of Beirut, a “Real Estate Brokerage Certificate” in regard to which it began offering classes at the beginning of March 2013. 

   The third axis of the Syndicate’s mission is to work towards the ratification of a legal framework regulating the real estate brokerage profession. The Syndicate will spare no effort to pursue this goal and to exert the necessary pressure to obtain a law that will limit work in the real estate sector to professional members only. Without such a law, the real estate sector would, to adopt the profession’s language, resemble a building…without any foundations.There is no doubt that the more the Syndicate is able to encompass all the companies and persons working in this field, the more it will be able to achieve goals and accomplishments that will benefit the entire sector and contribute to its development.Therefore, we call upon the persons working in this sector to promptly join the Syndicate so that its efforts can become more effective and thus enable it to implement its objectives.

The Syndicate also hopes that this website will become a platform for communicating with the people working in this sector as well the people dealing in it, both purchasers and sellers, and that it will act as a resource providing them with all the information they might need. 
                                                                                     Massaad Fares
                              President of the Real Estate Brokers and Consultants