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Real Estate Brokerage Course
A new Session of the Real Estate Brokerage Course will start on the 14th of September at AUB - CEC.
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REAL GA & Elections 2017
Congratulations for the new President & Board Members of REAL ! REAL had its General Assembly & Elections on February 8th, 2017 and a new Pr...
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وليد موسى نقيبا للوسطاء والاستشاريين العقاريين
وطنية - انتخب وليد موسى نقيبا للوسطاء والاستشاريين العقاريين خلفا لمسعد فارس، على إثر انتخابات تكميلية لاختيا...
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Accelerating Forward and Staying True to our Principles    

The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon is now in its Eighth year. My predecessor successfully laid out the foundations and established the structures on which we can now build.

I look forward to taking on the responsibilities of the presidency to develop the syndicate’s objectives. This shall include lobbying for new legislation, promoting education and fostering further involvement of our members. I intend to take a proactive approach that will not only raise the professional profile of the syndicate, but also make our organization the modus operandi for all matters pertaining to real-estate brokerage in the country. By fulfilling these obligations, our syndicate will thrive as we continue to adhere to our ethical principles of integrity and transparency.

The syndicate was established in order to address issues of quality assurance in the real-estate industry. One particularly important aspect is the need for legislation that can protect the rights of the customer and of the brokers. By making it compulsory by law for real-estate brokers to join the syndicate, real-estate brokers must observe our codes of ethics in order to have the right to work in the profession. We aim to greatly reduce fraudulent activities within the industry. The process for lobbying for this new legislation began at the end of 2016 and we are adamant the campaign will become a reality in the near future. By augmenting the value of our profession at a local level, we will be able to pursue further our exposure to international federations and organizations.

            Education is at the core of our syndicate’s aim to set standards of excellence in Lebanon’s real estate. Over the last years, we have worked in collaboration with the Department of Continuing Education at the American University of Beirut to set up the course, “Real Estate Brokerage Course” and we are considering the possibility of offering an upgraded level course at AUB. Our education mission at REAL extends beyond AUB and our program, “Real on the Road,” will not only be working closely with municipalities across Lebanon to promote the syndicate but to also provide courses about real estate brokerage.

Finally, our syndicate only exists due to involvement from our members. It is because of their active contribution that we have come this far, accomplishing our earlier objectives and setting new ones. Over our term, we will be working even harder to encourage further participation through committees that oversee the implementation of our different goals. The syndicate continues to welcome critical input from both members and nonmembers.

As the second president, I welcome the challenges ahead as we take the syndicate to the next level, promote the values of REAL and situate the organization even more firmly within the Lebanon of the future. 


                                    Walid Moussa

          President of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon