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Word From The President
A word from the President
The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon is now in its 14th year. During the organization’s formative years, we were able to establish ourselves, expand and extend membership to the best in the business, placing a high value on quality over quantity.
We have undergone much turmoil in the last few years, beginning with the crisis that struck Lebanon in 2019. Throughout these turbulent times, we have managed to play a crucial role as real estate professionals to guide people in their investments within the sector.
Our highly trained realtors have continuously helped investors with their expert advice, and will still be standing by their side when a brighter tomorrow for Lebanon finally dawns. REAL has remained steadfast in providing the necessary training during these difficult times in order to sustain the industry and ensure a continued high level of technical expertise within it.
Now more than ever, the syndicate is living up to its role as the representative body for the real estate sector. In the absence of new developers and building projects, REAL is acting as the industry’s engine, promoting its interests both in the private and public spheres.
Our goals remain as clear as ever, the foremost of which is the preservation of our ethics in our members’ dealings, both among each other and with their customers. We are also focusing on education in the sector, which is why we have overseen the graduation of several classes of new realtors over the last three years.
It is also why we are currently working on replacing the current certificate format with a full-fledged college degree in real estate from the Lebanese American University. Our members’ thirst for further learning and their unshakable faith that the real estate sector will play a vital role in Lebanon’s future have encouraged us to pursue this path. In the meantime, we are also making sure our members are always up-to-date with the latest technologies in the business.
When the country’s parliament finally achieves some level of stability, we will of course refocus our efforts on our main objective: the need to address issues of quality assurance in the real-estate industry. We will seek to introduce legislation that can protect the rights of customers and brokers alike. By making it compulsory by law for real-estate brokers to join the syndicate, adherents will have to observe our codes of ethics in order to have the right to work in the profession. We thus aim to greatly reduce fraudulent activities within the industry and make sure customers are never steered wrong by dishonest or unqualified people who are unaffiliated with the syndicate. We will adamantly continue to maintain and enforce the best practices in the business thanks to our close dealings with international bodies and partners.

Who We Are
The Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (R.E.A.L) was founded in 2009 as the national representative body for the Lebanese real estate sector. Built on a solid foundation of professional ethics, the syndicate has grown into an authority on all matters related to real-estate, with 200 active members specialized in brokerage and consultancy from all across Lebanon.

Our primary purpose is to defend the interests of real estate professionals and their clients, helping to modernize local legislation to bring it in line with the highest international standards. In order to put those standards into practice, the board remains vigilant on matters of ethics and quality contol, ensuring the rules and regulations defined by our worldwide network of allied associations are respected in every real estate endeavor taking place on Lebanese soil.

Board Members
President of the Syndicate
Walid Moussa
Haytham Kurdi
Vice President
Secretary of the Board
Jihad Abou Chakra
Secretary of the Board
Tony Lahoud
Treasurer of the Board
Raghda Assaad
Karl Sarkis
Elie Chamoun
Pamela El Khazen
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